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The Pre-Gig Pep-Talk course costs £55.00
The Turbo-Practice Mini-Course only £7.99


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  • Pre-Gig Pep-Talk Course

    Complete self-development course covering everything from Stage-Fright to Creativity and from Sight-reading to Memory.

  • Turbo-Practice Mini-Course

    A concise course derived from the 'Turbo-Practice' module from the Pre-Gig Pep-Talk course.

Sam Brown

Your guide :-)

Sam Brown

Since graduating in Commercial Arranging from Berklee in the 1980s I've been working as a professional drummer/percussionist in a variety of styles and genres. In the 1990s I produced the Self Hypnosis for Musicians CD and later the Musicians Hypnosis iPhone App. I have lectured at music colleges, written many articles for musicians magazines and been interviewed on podcasts and blogs. I truly believe that everyone has FAR more ability than they realise. I can help you find it.

Pre-Gig Pep-Talk Course Information

Your Questions Answered:

  • What is included?

    Over 20 video presentations with PDF transcripts and over 4 hours of powerful hypnosis mp3s. Also included is the full Musician's Hypnosis book in PDF and e-book format, and even an audiobook version too.

  • How Does It Work?

    I use tried and tested hypnotherapy, NLP and other well-established self-help techniques delivered in mp3 format. I'm a musician myself so I KNOW where you are coming from, unlike other therapists with little or no experience in performing music. Try the free 'Training Trances' included in the try-before-you-buy content :-)

  • Is the Turbo-Practice material included?

    YES! The Turbo-practice mini-course is pulled from the Pre-Gig Pep-Talk curriculum. The price of the mini course is discounted when you decide to upgrade to the full Pre-Gig pep-Talk course so you don't pay twice for the same material.

  • Who uses this stuff?

    My Musicians Hypnosis material is used all over the world by students and professionals. For some it gets them through a high-pressure classical recital, for others it makes them play an awesome blues gig at 'The Dog And Duck'. If you suffer from Red-Light nerves in the studio, or if you think your timekeeping sucks, this is for you.

  • Is There any Free Stuff to try before I enrol?

    Yes! Lots! The first six lessons of the Pre-Gig Pep-Talk are completely free. This includes a thorough introduction to the methods I use and an explanation of how and why they work so well. There are some powerful Hypnosis MP3s for you to experiment with too :-)

Testimonials and reviews

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Review of Musicians Hypnosis iPhone App on the App Store

As a guitarist and composer I am always looking for ways to improve my abilities, especially when it comes to practicing. I have listened to a lot of other hypnosis recording’s with very little success. After using this app for 2 weeks I noticed some profound changes. I can only describe it as having the doors to my inner creativity and confidence flung wide open. I now have total clarity and focus when I am practicing my guitar and when I am writing music. The app is well presented with an easy to use interface. Overall a lot of thought has gone into it. I don’t know why or how the hypnosis on this app works, all I know is it produces some incredible results. Highly recommend this to anyone who is musician.

It Worked For Me!

App Review in iTunes

I have been using this app for a month or so, as the latest tool in my year’s-long struggle with stage fright. I used the app daily before sleep for about a week and then sporadically after that. I found myself relatively relaxed and able to focus during a performance after the week of use. The real test was my ensemble’s big concert last night. I was thrilled- not a shred of my usual fear, and in fact I actually enjoyed the gig.

Im a struggling musician...

I am a hypnotist. I must say his use of his language is phenomenal, he uses erickson’s language patterns and direct approaches which put me deep into trance. Im a struggling musician who believe it or not has problems letting go and becoming deeply hypnotized. Now Im going deeper than before and learning more and more how to become a better musician.

Excellent & intuitive.

Musicians Hypnosis iPhone App Review in App-Store

I have used this app repeatedly over a long period of time (several years) and find it incredibly useful. As a coach of other musicians (including several successful classical, jazz & pop well as kids and other teachers and pros) my colleagues, coachees, pupils & friends have also found it to be a great tool — both for music and for attitudes toward life in general.

What a great app -★★★★★-

Every aspect of my performance has improved since day one of using this app. Sight reading, improvising and confidence all have seen a boost since starting. I can use the pre gig pep talk and confidence portion before gigging or I use the sight reading and timing portion before going to big band rehearsal. Having had previous hypnotherapy experience made it easy for me to go into deep sleep using the short induction part. If you're a serious need this.

This app really works! ★★★★★


This is such a great hypnosis app. It has really made a difference to my performing and my attitude towards performance. I have always suffered horribly from stage fright but after several sessions with this app I felt totally different and far more self confident.

The daily support to conservatoire life! -★★★★★-

This gets me through even the toughest days of music performance! This has seen me through recitals feeling more relaxed and at ease than I have ever felt allowing my full playing potential to shine through.

Absolutely AMAZING!

Hi Sam, I have been using your musicians hypnosis app for a few months and it has been absolutely amazing. I particularly find the confidence & creativity sessions to be very effective. I have had strong interest in hypnosis and trance for a number of years and use self hypnosis (erickson technique) quite often. I have also listened to a lot of CDs and mp3's by a number of hypnotists including Paul McKenna but it seems your app is the only one that has really worked for me. ..

The best! ★★★★★

Having some years ago trained in hypnotherapy and NLP I have some experience in this field. This is by far the best hypnotherapy recording I have used. As a musician and producer I have found this app to be a revelation. There are quite a few different topics like, creativity, technique, practise and even studying for musical exams. The hypnotherapist has a nice tone of voice and is a real expert, even including positive post-hypnotic suggestions, a highly effective hypnosis technique which lots of hypnotherapy apps don't even include. I can't recommend this highly enough. As a musician you owe it to yourself to try listening to this for a week or so and experience the quite profound benefits.

A Recent eMail:

I just can't resist sending you an email about how pleased I am with you product.

I've been a musician for over 20 years and have performed many many times on stage.  At some point I started getting stage fright.  It got so bad that I'd intentionally avoided opportunities to perform.  I'd suffer for days leading up to the performance.  

My daughter asked me to perform with her at a song writers show case featuring one of her songs.  I didn't want to do it and tried to convince her I'd take the focus from her if I accompanied her.  She wouldn't let me out of it.  How many fathers are asked by their teenage daughter to perform with them?  I knew something was wrong.  I should be cherishing this moment and here I was trying to get out of it!  

I pulled it off but it was torturous.  The amount of work and focus I had to do was astounding.  My heart was literally beating out of my chest.  I felt people must be able to see it.  I'm amazed I was able to even walk out on stage.  After the performance I knew I needed help and there was something wrong.  

I've a friend who has just stared hypnosis recently and she mentioned hypnosis for performance anxiety.  After discussing it with her I realized that my negative feelings toward hypnosis were out of line.  After some google searches to research it further, I landed on your site.  After reading through your material I decided to purchase your app and give it a try.

  I'm still amazed of the change that has occurred. My ability to focus now and learn music is astounding.  I go right into trance.  Nothing distracts me.  I take music lessons from a jazz teacher and he is amazed at how much I've improved in just a few short weeks.  

My favorite trance is Turbo-Practice.  After just one session I notice my ability to practice and stay focused and retain what I study was amazing.  I try to use your app 2 to 3 times a week.  I really miss it if I can't.  I also noticed other benefits.  Just relaxing and letting go is worth the time.  My ability to read music as also improved exponentially. I really feel my mind was holding me back.  I wish I was taking advantage of hypnosis 20 years ago!

Thank you very much for what you do!

M. W.

Invest Wisely

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Solos suck? Poor at sight-reading? Creative block? Can't focus on your practice? HOW WILL THIS EVER CHANGE if you don't do something DIFFERENT? I can help you change habits, change your beliefs about what you can and cannot do, and pull out psychological STOP signs that are keeping you where you are. Invest in the source of the issues - your MIND.