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Sam Brown

Since graduating in Commercial Arranging from Berklee in the 1980s I've been working as a professional drummer/percussionist in a variety of styles and genres. In the 1990s I produced the Self Hypnosis for Musicians CD and later the Musicians Hypnosis iPhone App. I have lectured at music colleges, written many articles for musicians magazines and been interviewed on podcasts and blogs. I truly believe that everyone has FAR more ability than they realise. I can help you find it.

From a recent email:

...My favorite trance is Turbo-Practice. After just one session I notice my ability to practice and stay focused and retain what I study was amazing. I try to use your app 2 to 3 times a week. I really miss it if I can't. I also noticed other benefits. Just relaxing and letting go is worth the time. My ability to read music as also improved exponentially. I really feel my mind was holding me back. I wish I was taking advantage of hypnosis 20 years ago!